As per this meeting;

November 23, 2020

The following cities were represented in the teleconference shown below with the President Elect Hopeful Joe Biden, and his hopeful successor the harri one. Let those who Q refer to this as the COVID war council list. Stuff in your dbase. I linked a duck search to each city.

I tried to put this up that day, but so much is happening. The very evening after this meeting each of these cities started cracking down even harder on the species killing pandemic.

The list is as follows;

Louisville, KY

New York, NY

Huntington, WV

Piscataway, NJ

Portland, OR

Carmel, IN

Ft Worth, TX

Bridgeport, CN

Burnsville, MN

Dayton, FL

Miami, FL

Doral, FL

Seattle, WA

Austin, TX

Topeka, KS

Pheonix, AR

Baton Rouge, LA

Las Cruces, NM

Washington DC

Fremont, CA

Houston, TX

Dalles, TX

Elizabeth, NJ

Los Angeles, CA

Oklahoma City, OK

Santa Ana, CA

Wilmington, DE

West Sacramento, CA

Atlanta. GA

Boston, MA

Plano, TX

Denver, CO

Stockton, CA

Nashville, TN

Tampa, FL

New Bedford, MA

Charlotte, NC

Columbus, OH

Tacoma, WA

Auguusta, GA

Scranton, PA

Richmond, VA

Long Beach, CA

San Fransisco, CA


I mapped the above list, below. The little red phones are the mayors who attended the meeting.

If one wanted to have fun, one could compare these maps to planefag maps. There is a correlation at night.

Below is a map of COVID alerts through local news sources in the past week. Interesting isnt it ;) I have no idea what's going on in West Virginia. I don't know if that is errors or not. The map below isn't mine. Its from the website below. An interesting site to Q around in.

There is a lot of technology popping up, rather exploding I should say in the area of health technology. Anyone who watched the economic forums sponsored by Bloomberg will realize this is secretly building into a giant industry. It reminds me of all those fancy 5 star hotel industry meetings held by oil companies right before we "liberated Iraq" back in 2003. LOTS AND LOTS OF CONTRACT SIGNING!!!

There is more to this, but I cant release yet. Never give the enemy intel that is valuable. But eventually I plan to release some crazy shit. But I'm gonna let this one breathe a bit. I got eyes on. Im sure others out there are seeing what I'm seeing. And it aint good.

More to come.

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