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The Plague of Corruption

I dont particularly like putting this book up for free, but its out there anyway. If you get a chance donate to Judy or buy her book anyway. But this information is too relevant, and I think this book should be read by everyone. Its a good read too. Its not a boring science read either, she puts most of it in laymen's terminology. Prolly not enough for a liberal to understand, but any conservatives or independents should be able to handle it.

Ive spent the past year studying the immune system because of this bullshit pandemic, and Ive not only concluded that we are not in the midst of a pandemic so much as a global population control plan. Ive also come to the conclusion that most doctors don't know shit about the immune system. Reading this book confirmed a lot of suspicions I had from my research going back to the Aids epidemic. The technology they are using in these vaccines stems directly from Aids research. They are literally injecting your ass with a retrovirus and turning your system into a remote controlled dead man's switch in my opinion.

Im not so convinced that 5G is a physical element to the virus, so much as its part of the IT aspect. It is my opinion that so much as taking the test may have infected you with a nano technology, but also put your ass on their dna database.

Make no mistake these people are building a DNA database of all human life on this planet. I have some ideas as to why, but not quite ready to share just yet.

Nonetheless here is the pdf version of her book. Its worth the time reading it. Enjoy.

Plague of Corruption
Download PDF • 7.66MB

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