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Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Tracking the distribution of the mega conglomerate serums by state. The CDC is releasing the number of doses that are allocated. As tracked and "secure" as this vaccine is, it doesn't look like we plebs get access to the doses by county. That I'm aware of. Even though we paid for it.

The data is from the Centers For Disease Control (CDC). Apparently these poor people have to take two doses. These maps are doses allocated for each distribution "round". The second dose is to be taken 21 days later. The data on the second doses are pretty consistent. So I didn't map them. I used quantile smoothing for ranges. Doesn't look like much change for each distribution, but it's interesting to see the allocations by state.


Data set is as follows;

Data exported to xls.

Download XLS • 18KB

Gotta love that spelling...

Anyway along with the theory that there are likely going to be some "reactions" from Umbrow corporation's global serum, lets track and find out.

> in reference to article


NEW "UK STRAIN" Reported by Corporate media January 13, 2021.

See @ 20 seconds of the following ABC news clip:


New York Post upset about CDC not reporting it.

CDC Website:


Slowly the "new strain" creeps in.

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