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Updated: Dec 8, 2020

My God this just gets more insane. Looks like the global hub for distribution of the "optional" vaccine will be based out of Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates. This is the nest of nests for elites. As many know the entire area around UAE is the rich mans playground. There are two sources of this article.

Source: United Arab Emirates

They have already transported 5 million vaccines in November? on behalf of the Department of Health Abu Dhabi?

Source 2 they hid it in Gulf news LMAO

Here are some excerpts from the above articles.

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi is all set to be the global logistics hub to facilitate COVID-19 vaccine distribution across the world, after spearheading the launch of the Hope Consortium. Comprising leading Abu Dhabi and global entities, the Hope Consortium represents a complete supply chain solution to address vaccine transport, demand planning, sourcing, training and digital technology infrastructure and facilitate vaccine availability across the world. Hope Consortium member Etihad Cargo and the consortium have transported five million vaccines in November on behalf of the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, which is spearheading the consortium and will oversee regulatory compliance, full chain expertise and scientific insight.

Abu Dhabi, > spearheading the consortium > will oversee regulatory compliance, full

chain expertise and scientific insight.

The consortium also includes Abu Dhabi Ports Company, Rafed, the healthcare purchasing arm of Abu Dhabi-based ADQ and SkyCell of Switzerland, which develops next-generation, temperature-controlled logistics containers for the pharmaceutical industry. As part of the Hope Consortium, SkyCell will establish a regional service and manufacturing centre in Abu Dhabi.

The Hope Consortium has pooled its collective expertise to garner a multi-faceted capability to provide logistics services to handle over six billion doses from the vaccines being developed and manufactured around the world....

6 billion doses should answer the year long question. Will forced (in-occultations) be a thing of the future?

Much more in those articles. Please read them.

Published: November 25, 2020 19:56

Who are these pirates?


UPDATE: November 27, 2020

The HQ of Ethad airways is in Abu Dhabi. ALSO

A gigantic new airport terminal is due to be completed. How much you wanna bet it opens up 2021. The airport has been in construction for about a decade.



Buried deep in the Swiss mountains is Skynet, I mean skycell. The fastest booming industry of 2020 seems to be the carefully monitored environmental vaxination cargo industry.

THIS IS BIGGER BENEATH THE SURFACE> ITS HUGE!!! And there are many fake entities involved.

One can begin to understand how the markets ran on vax news a few weeks ago.

But first I must say that this upcoming inoculation is going to be tracked from the minute its leaves POM till well, It is NEVER done tracking. Even after they stick you with it. I now agree with a poster from months ago.

COVID 19 = Covert Identification System (S being the 19th letter in the alphabet). Wonder if the tests have anything to do with it? Plot thickens!


In 2017, the FDA approved the use of medical technology that communicates to your cell phone from inside your body, via an app. This segment aired In November of that year.

Still searching for the FDA approval. I had it a while ago. So much going on. Everyone says 5G is causing this strange disease. NO. 5 G will be the infrastructure that tracks it.


What are the odds that the "hub" for delivering a vaxine to the entire globe for a virus, just happens to look like a damned virus.

Some say they do this for religion. Perhaps, but know this. They are pirates, and they are laughing at YOU!!


UPDATE: 12-8-20 Interesting facts as the inoculation begins.

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