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Updated: Jan 17, 2022

I pulled data from the VAERS database on November 1, 2021. Now that we know that some lot numbers are more lethal than others, I wanted to see the geographic distribution of these lot numbers.

Basically I just pulled all deaths by state, and lot number for these maps. Note that you can only download 10,000 records at a time. So I had to dump the data into my own dbase and concatenate them.

There are also many data entry errors. Some of the lot numbers were entered incorrectly. For example lot number EL3248 may have been entered in as el 3248 with a space in there etc. In order to summarize this data, I had to manually fix these errors, because the algorithm wont group them properly. Also there were tons of records with missing lot numbers (over 4,000), there where some entered in with just a question mark, some simply had "NONE", and others didnt even have a lot number in the record. I DID NOT include those in the maps below. The point of this study is not so much looking at the total number of deaths, I am looking any kind of geographic patterns.

We all know this data isn't an accurate accounting of the devastation going on out there, but from a statistical standpoint we could consider this a simple random sample.

I used a standardized color schema. Cold to hot. Cold colors (green) being the lowest deaths, and hot numbers (red) the most lethal.

So in this insane world we are now living in I bring to you the Lots of Death (LOD).

Anyone can use this data as they see fit. I don't claim rights to anything. I'm just doing my little part in this insane clown world from hell.

Enjoy, and as always, thanks for playing.



This is a summary of all deaths from my download by state. For a nice overview.

In comparison to this data, I pulled a map from the Mayo Clinic, which shows the total vaccination rate by state. The date on this map is November 5, 2021.



This map is a summary of the top ten lethal lot numbers. I just ran a summary of the top ten most lethal lot numbers.


Below are the top ten lot numbers from the above map separated out individually. I ranked them from 10 to 1. The most lethal lot number is ranked as number 1.

RANK 10: Lot number EL3248.

RANK 9: Lot number EL0140.

RANK 8: Lot number EL3302.

RANK 7: Lot number EL3301.

RANK 6: Lot number EL9261.

RANK 5: Lot number EN6198.

RANK 4: Lot number EL3249.

RANK 3: Lot number EN6202.

RANK 2: Lot number EN6201.

RANK 1: As of November 1, 2021 the most lethal lot number from my download is lot number EN5318.

I have other map studies I'm working on. Im interested in cause of death data, maybe even doing some of these maps by dates. As mentioned there is a lot of data, and for some reason you can only download 10,000 records at a time. So I have to work the data into my own dbase, and of course clean out the anomalies. This takes a lot of time. So stay tuned.

I also discovered the vax proof cards do in fact include a space for the murder nurses to enter in the lot number you received. If your interested in a map of a specific lot number, by all means just ask.

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