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There is no novel corona virus. There never was. The "virus" known as sars-cov-2 is nothing but a collection of patented genetic sequences owned by the same companies who just grew into a trillion dollar market cap in less than one year.

This man covers the patents, and how he has tracked this lie from the very beginning, starting 20 years ago during the Anthrax scam. The exact same people tasked with "curing the world" of a pandemic created by the help of the media are the ones who hold these patents. The same media organizations who are owned by the same two companies that own the vaccine manufactures. This would be hilarious, if it wasn't so tragic.

This is truly the greatest tragedy I've witnessed in my entire life. And it will likely end with the global population cut in half over a simple lie. The media is holding those of us that know the truth hostage, while the lazy who refuse to do their own research, believe them and are now invested in this lie with their very own lives.

This is quite possibly the end of human civilization as we know it as country after country falls into a medical Nazi hellhole. History is once again repeating itself.

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