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Now as the data pours in, approaching a million dead from these dangerous inoculations, doctors continue to discover with horror what is happening to the vaccinated.

This is an interview of Dr. Ruby who goes over a blood smear from patients found by Dr. Hoffe in Canada.

According to Dr. Hoffe, 62% of his inoculated patients are suffering or will suffer a blood clotting condition known as thrombosis. This interview displays slides from his research.

As shown in these slides, there seems to be the same strange object that looks similar to folded layers of Graphene within these blood tests.

Many people who feel fine now, have no idea that at some point in the future, the odds are now against them that they will indeed die from these shots.

This is becoming a biblical level horror show. At what point will it take, before enough of the population awakens to this reality, and STOP these exterminations?


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