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Updated: Jul 29, 2021

As we grow closer and closer to forced inoculations worldwide, the Australian government literally announced the begining of the New World Order.

I put together a compilation of people who are dead and/or dying from these inoculations. I try to keep it updated as much as possible. Sometimes I have to take a break. This grows weary on the soul.


An group of scientists have been researching these shots. They believe they found Graphene Oxide in them. Over 99%! This is the study translated from I believe Spanish or Italian. Same thing really. The study shows slides of one of the vials taken as a sample. It compares them to slides of Graphene Oxide. Quite the astonishing similarity. Graphene Oxide is quite toxic to the human body, as you will see as you scroll down this blog.


Download PDF • 1.26MB

Here is an interview of Dr. Ruby. She has been working with other doctors trying to figure out what is in these inoculations. They are also researching the effects. This interview she goes over a blood smear from people who receive these shots. It seems to destroy the blood cells.


Here's an interview with a former Pfizer employee confirming Graphene Oxide is in the shot.


Here's a doctor that was meant to promote the inoculations in an advertisement, but goes off script and starts warning people not to take it.



The following is a list of testimonials from people who have suffered, or lost someone to these inoculations. It also shows the horrifying effects that we now know several million people worldwide are enduring. Enjoy.


This poor guy lost contact with his friend for three days. His last conversation was that his friend contracted pneumonia after his second shot. Finally this poor guy contacts emergency services to break in. They find him dead. And of course the first thing emergency services do is kick this guy out and deny it was the shot.


Cant stop shaking after the inoculation. The most common side effect.


Doctors in UK are now force testing newborns whether you like it or not. This is getting real scary now. The PCR tests have now been verified to be a fraud. The CDC is trying to move to another fraudulent testing procedure this coming January.


Woman dies 15 minutes after taking the shot.


This poor child goes into convulsions after taking the shot. This one here really got to me. I advise caution. I literally cried over this one. I was new to watching this when I saw it. Now its just another thing. I'm used to is now as I been watching these videos for almost two months now. Still hurts when I see people wanting to inoculate their kids. What a tragedy.


This lady has suffered paralysis.


This is one of the first ladies that came forward. I believe she was a nurse.


One of the most common symptom's for those who suffer immediate reactions from the inoculations is severe shaking. As demonstrated by this poor woman.


Another example of these strange convulsions demonstrated by this poor lady.


This lady testifies that her father passed away from the inoculations.


This lady testifies that her mother passed from these inoculations.


This is a link to three nurses interviewed by Del Bigtree. All three are suffering from these convulsions. The one in the blue shirt's condition has worsened terribly after this interview. I believe she was also one of the first nurses to come forward months ago.


This is a video put together for the victims of this inoculation. Once you incur any side effects, your insurance will not cover it, the CDC will not return your calls, and these people are desperate for help. The media, and not even their doctor will have much to do with them. Which is largely becoming the point of this website. As humanity is now in the midst of an all out global genocide program.


This is an intelligent well educated lady who is documenting her effects. I believe she is trying to file a lawsuit.


Another guy that lost his mother to the inoculations. Interviewed by Stew Peters.


This is a link to the Frontline Doctors. I believe there are now 50,000 of them. They are filing a lawsuit under the Nuremberg code. As early on in this "pandemic" the public was not allowed access to the drugs that are now proven 100% effective. Denying a drug to someone is against international law.


This is a video of a lady that drops during her 15 minute wait. Amazingly people look on still waiting to get their inoculation. Unbelievable.


This is a 19 year old that is suffering kidney failure and a host of other problems after receiving the inoculation.


This lady keeps passing out and collapsing after receiving the AstraZeneca inoculation.


This lady went blind and had a stroke after receiving the J&J inoculation.


This young lady lost the use of her legs.


This is an update from a lady, most likely somewhere in my compilation. I tend to lose track.


You definitely don't want to take these inoculations if you have asthma. ASk this poor gal. She also has strange swelling in her face.


This is a video of a guy that keeps a close watch on the CAERS dbase on the CDC website. We are finding that the CDC is now trying to delete and hide the data as it is now becoming quite rampant.


Another video of victims speaking out. The media, the CDC, and their doctors refuse to talk to them.


More lovely seizures from the shot.


More uncontrollable shaking. The common side effect. I call em the shake n bakes. After two months of watching these people suffer you tend to get a bit numb by it. Nothing personal.


Another collapser. Prolly dead.


Another collapser. This one is in Thailand.

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