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The global population is literally being experimented on and exterminated blatantly. No one believes it because of the legacy Mainstream Media holds the narrative. A collection of the largest media outlets all owned by the same people who also own the corporations that are experimenting on, and exterminating us. These people are destroying this entire planet. Day by day. Hour by hour. Minute by minute. The media is holding those of us awake, captive. It is holding those who are asleep, blinded. And the numbers of those suffering and dying from these experiments are growing larger and larger. It has become a race. A race between those of us who are desperately trying to awaken those who are asleep. And a rich elite who has declared a New World Order, now actively exterminating as much of the human population as possible before we can awaken them.

If enough people around the world are awakened and refuse to cooperate, we win.

If we fail, 90% of the global population will die, and the ideals of human liberty will stomped from the earth forever. And they win.

This has been attempted before during the NAZI regime of Germany. And it is happening again. Anyone who has a clear understanding of history can see the similarities and the exact same methods of coercion and propaganda. There is no turning back now. The new normal can be up to us. Or it will be up to them. This is a race for the human species. It is literally the HUMAN race.

For the record, I petition thee for redress of grievances.


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