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I keep seeing nurses and some doctors coming forward. This is going to be a section dedicated to nurses, doctors, and other scientists speaking the truth.


This is a presentation break down of what Dr. Hoffe in Canada is finding with his vaccinated patients. This guy seems to be doing the most hands on detailed research that I've seen so far when it comes to vaccinated patients.

By the way, this guys clinic has mysteriously burned to the ground in one of those raging fires in Canada. Just sayin.


This is an excellent presentation from Dr. Fleming. He is not only a Doctor, hes a lawyer too. This guy here is a heavy hitter. One of the worlds most renown and published doctors. This is a breakdown of how these inoculations actually work. Or should I say kill.


Dr. Andrew Kaufman's website. This guy is another heavy hitter. He's not only a doctor, he's a forensic psychiatrist. He is one of the first to come out. I have been keeping tabs on him since the beginning. This guy is the very definition of a methodical intelligent logical scientist. I really like this guy too. After over a year now I feel like I've been long friends with him, and he don't even know me.


This is the website to the Worlds Doctors Alliance. I believe its now 50,000 doctors around the world that have signed on to trying to get people to realize covid is NOT pandemic.


The website for Americas Frontline Doctors. Similar to the World Doctors Alliance. Its a collection of medical professions. This site has references to medical information on covid, as well as legal stuff.


Dr. John Lee. Is the cure worse than the disease?


Dr. Coleman I believe out of the UK. This guy has been attacked relentlessly. Im surprised this link even works.


Interview with Dr. David Martin.


Nurse coming forward out of Maryland.


A Nurse that early on flipped out and knew something wasn't right from the beginning.


Nurse that had enough with the stupidity.


A nurse that quit our of her own conscience.

A link to a better quality video, that I cant seem to embed. You will find many of these links dropping off, as this material is being highly censored.


A warning from a nurse practitioner.


More to come as I see more and more doctors, nurses, virologists, and scientists coming forward by the day. Need a break.

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